From Michael Krasny of KQED after our performance at The Tiburon Library:  “I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the performance last night.  My  perspective is one of praise and admiration.  The singing was splendid and really well rendered and we were, like all others lucky enough to be in attendance, truly entertained.  What lover of music and the fine selection of great standards wouldn’t be?  I also appreciated, Rita, the teacher providing historic and educational background/tidbits to each of the songs.  But what really knocked me out was the professionalism and obvious serious and meticulous preparation, the dare I say, orchestrating and working out of harmonies behind a stellar evening of song.  Your behind-the-scene gifts, in other words, were as apparent to me as the really fine performing.  You are definitely ready for…maybe  Carnegie Hall!  Thank you and your crew for a wonderful evening!”

From Janet Braff, of the Program Committee at The Tiburon Library:  “It was wonderful to host you and your group. The evening was very successful.  I think we broke an attendance record–72!  I know you will be welcome to come again. We have had vocal groups before but ……….yours is pretty special.  Thank you again for coming.”

From the Activities Director at Atria Senior Living:  “Thank you so much.  The residents were still talking about the performance the next day.  They really loved your songs.”  “You had a great turnout. It’s clear that they love you!”

From Audience Members at Atria: “I think I died and went to heaven!”  “You gals are the best!”   “We love you ladies so much!”     “You gals light up our lives!”   ” We can’t wait until you come back!”

From the Activities Directors at Alma Via Senior Living:  “I’ve received nothing but overwhelming responses about how wonderful everyone thought you were. ‘Your voices took them ‘all the way to heaven,’ one woman said. We would love to have you come back.”  “Thanks so much to you and “The Cosmos” for your beautiful choice of melodies, as well as the energy, sense of humor, and enthusiasm you bring to our residents. I look forward to scheduling you for another performance as your schedule permits.”

From the Activities Director at Drake Terrace Senior Living:  “I’ve heard such wonderful reports about you. When can you come back?”

From Audience Members at Drake Terrace: “I just wanted to tell you how much pleasure you and the “Cosmos” brought to both my mom and me!  She was really uplifted by your performance. What joy you brought to her and all of the residents! You are wonderful and so professional! Thank you! Hope to see you again. Love to the other Cosmos! ”     “You have no idea how much your singing means to us! You just have no idea!”     “Who does your arrangements?  They’re wonderful!”    “You girls are terrific!  When are you coming back?”    “You are the best entertainment we get here!”

Standing ovation (from those who could stand)!

From a Private Party Hostess:   “We were thrilled with your performance! You were amazing. I could go on and on. Once again, many thanks to you and your entire group. It was a thrill for me to do something so special for my husband and you helped make it unique and fun. The parody was such a kick. Your professionalism and innovative style is first class. I can’t wait until we party again! ”

From the Marin Chapter of Hadassah:   “On behalf of the Marin Chapter of Hadassah I offer our 
most sincere thanks for the lovely musical entertainment
 you so generously gave us yesterday.  Your group helped to close 
a delicious luncheon, with lovely tunes to which all our members related 
with much nostalgia. 
Please tell everyone in your group how very much we enjoyed their singing and how very grateful we are for their generosity in sharing their valuable time to make our afternoon
 a wonderfully uplifting experience.”

From a Private Party Hostess:   “I just wanted to rave again about the terrific performance on Saturday. My husband is the foremost critic on any subject.  He does not give compliments.  He won’t listen to music because he hears what’s wrong instead of what’s right (the glass is half full kinda guy).  He said you were “good”.  That is an unbelievable comment coming from him.”

From a well known Local Caterer:   “I cater so many events and your group was one of the best I’ve ever seen”

From Private Party Hostess:  “I want to thank you  for a most wonderful evening and for helping to make my husband’s 65th a very special one.  He so enjoyed your musical repertoire and talking to you all, of course.  Please also thank the whole group for me.”

From the Activities Director at Aldersly Retirement Community:  “I’m hearing raves about your performance on Saturday.  Thanks a million!!! Talk to you real soon and thanks again you’re all terrific”

From Audience Members at Aldersly:  “I haven’t missed even one of your performances!”  “You have no idea how much you mean to us!”    “We love you so much! Look how many of us are here!”

“You give us so much pleasure and you look like you’re all having a lot of fun.”

From Audience Members at the PJCC – Foster City:  “We enjoyed you so much!”     “Please come back!”     “You girls are beautiful!”

From the Audience Members at Smith Ranch Homes:   “We loved your program!”  “You make us smile, you make us laugh. You bring back memories!”    “You were terrific!   I sang every song with you!”      “You bring back so many wonderful memories!”   “You girls have so much verve. It’s a pleasure to watch you perform!”     “Your harmonies are wonderful!”   “What great arrangements!”

From the Activities Director at the Marin JCC:   “You guys are fantastic. You’re so much more than I expected! ”

From Audience Members at the Marin JCC:   “I come here every week, to every event and not one compares to your performance.”  “Whenever you are coming back, it’s not soon enough!”   “You make us feel so good with the songs you sing. They’re OUR songs!”   “When you girls are singing, the whole world seems right!”  “You girls are magical!”   “You’re unbelievable!”   “I feel like I’m walking on a cloud!!!”      “You’re our favorite group! When are you coming back?”

From  Audience Members at The Redwoods Retirement Community:  “You girls are wonderful. You have such beautiful harmonies!”     “What a great performance! I could see the synapses working in our residents’ brains!”   “Thank you so much for coming! Please come back soon!”    “Terrific!”  “You sang all of our songs and I remembered almost all the words!”   “Please come back. We loved it!”    “I used to be a singer and I have to say you girls are wonderful!”    “Your arrangements are fabulous!”

From Audience Members at Rotary Manor:  “I’m a former music teacher and I must tell you that your harmonies, blends and your dynamics are just perfect!”    “Your selections are great!”   “I knew the words to almost every one of your songs!”  “Thank you so much for coming. I hope you’ll come again!”    “The Cosmos” are our favorites!”                                                                                                                            “Super selections and sounds – really lovely!”

From Audience Members at Springfield Place Retirement Community: “What a delightful program! I’d like to hire you for a private party!”   “This was so enjoyable!”   “I was in ‘The Sweet Adelines’ and your harmonies were perfect!”

From Guests at a Private Party:   “You gals are terrific!”  “You were funny, entertaining and you had the audience in the palm of your hand!”    “My mom is having an 80th birthday celebration. I’d love you to be the entertainment!”


From Audience Members at Nazareth House:   ” Your  group is he best entertainment we have ever had!”     “Your group is awesome!”   “You gals are so good. Please come back!”

From Audience Members at Drake Terrace: “Just look at this turnout! You can see how much we love you!”

From Audience Members at Smith Ranch Homes: “There are so many things in the world that are depressing right now. Your group gave us some happiness today!  Thank you so much for coming!”  “Your harmonies are amazing – so tight!”

From Audience Members of The Red Hat Society: “What a fabulous performance!” “We loved every minute of it!” “You lived up to my every expectation and more!” (Standing ovation!)

From Audience Members at The Redwoods:  “I guess you could tell how much the audience loved your performance!”  “Your harmonies were so tight!”  “It was difficult NOT to sing along with you!” “It was a wonderful program. Your selections were terrific!” “Who does your arrangements? They are terrific!”

From Lucy Mercer of Throckmorton Theater after our performance there on Oct. 26, 2014: “It was terrific, Rita I loved the show!”

From Michael Krasny of KQED after our Throckmorton performance: “You were obviously a huge hit! Delighted it was a triumph! Mazel Tov!”

From Audience Members at Throckmorton performance: “Congratulations on an outstanding performance!”  “It was a huge success! What an enthusiastic audience! The songs haven’t stopped running through my head!”  “I loved the program! I felt as though I had gone back in time. They were all my songs and I knew most of the words!”  “It was very special being here for your fabulous performance!” “We really enjoyed your concert. It was certainly a lot of fun!”  “Your harmonies are so tight! You gals have perfect precision!” “You must be so pleased and proud! What a talented group!”

From Audience Member at Aldersly: “I hope to see you on TV sometime soon!”

From Audience Member at Rotary Manor: “I haven’t enjoyed anything so much in such a long time!”

From  Audience Members at Atria Senior Living: “I loved your performance! I’d like to buy one of your CDs!” “Your arrangements are just wonderful!” “Your songs bring back so many memories!” “Your harmonies are heavenly!”

From Activities Chairman of Women’s Club: “Thank you so much for your fantastic singing for us on May 12th! The arrangements were amazing and each of you blend so well into the harmonies in addition to possessing your own beautiful voices. We have heard nothing but praise for your performance! My only regret is not picking up your CD at he end of your performance.  I am hoping that I can meet up with one of you to purchase it.” (by email)

From Audience Members at Drake Terrace: “Your group is the best entertainment we get here!” ” Wow you gals are good!” “I love the way your voices blend! You must practice a lot!”

From Activities Director at Valley Orchards: “I got so much positive feedback from our residents. They loved your program and they love you!

From Activities Coordinator at Villa Marin: “What a wonderful performance you put on for our residents!! It was a pleasure to listen to your group harmonize so beautifully! Thank You!!”

From Audience Members at Springfield Place: “You gals are our best entertainment!” “Please come back soon!”

From Audience Member of Sunrise Senior Living Petaluma: “I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be with six of my friends. The glow hasn’t worn off. And Sue (my daughter) writes that from her position in the back, she  observed nothing but happiness –  smiles and singing or mouthing the words.  I can only imagine that our enjoyment must carry over into your own singing – yes? Sue said one woman was so happy that she was crying. And another explained that she had been a music teacher and hadn’t been this happy since she had lived here! At dinner I asked Judy (who sits at the next table) if she had enjoyed it; and for the first time ever she smiled and said how wonderful it had been! Well, I hope that  you will come back again soon.” (by email)

From Activities Director of Villa Marin: “The residents loved you all! Thank you again for always putting on such a great show. I wish we could have you every month……. Thanks again!”

From Activities Director at Valley Orchards: “I just have to tell you how much our residents enjoyed having you. They love you!”

From Charles at Sunrise Senior Living: “You guys lived up to your metaphor. Your voices, your body moves, your delight in what you’re doing; all add up to a universe of pleasure. Words fail. I can’t thank you enough. All of you.”

From Activities Director of Greenwood: “I heard you were a smash, as always!” “Can you give us a date for once a month?”

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